Avallon Calling. [5" x 7" Notecard]

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Avallon Calling. [5" x 7" Notecard]. Now Sale Priced!!
Avalon Calling:
"Madeline had just made little clusters of her panty hose to thrust her feet into when the doorbell rang.
"Avalon calling." the woman said.
"I don't need any, I buy my make-up at Marshall Field's."
"I'm not selling make-up, I am here to take you to a better place, away from all of this."
"Sorry, can't. I have to be at work by nine."
"We will find work on the island for you when you arrive."
"I make decent money with this job. I have to support my kind."
"Child care is free."
"Yeah right. Listen, I gotta go."
"I'll need to pack my clothes. Can I ship there UPS?" Jo Ann wanted to know.
"We'll give you a tunic to wear." The woman replied.
Vanessa came along no questions asked. She grabbed a few pair of of underwear and was gone before he woke.
"You look tired," the woman said to her.
"It's supposed to be that way," Regina replied. "I'm a mother."
She closed the door behind her as she left, a child on each hip.
"I have a hair appointment tomorrow and a facial Friday morning," Sharon protested.
The woman touched her on the cheek and said "You don't need it."