Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature

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Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature

A fascinating homage to Mother Nature's genius, anchored by solid science and a strong environmental message.

Biomimicry examines the extraordinary innovations of the natural world and the human inventions they have inspired. Readers will learn about marvels such as high-performance swimsuits modeled after sharkskin and the sleek front ends of Japanese bullet trains based on the long, streamlined beak of the kingfisher. There's also plenty about what glimmers on the horizon: A Brazilian beetle may be key to developing computers that run on light, and the gecko's humble foot may hold the secret to revolutionizing the way surgical wounds are closed. Best of all, nature's inventions are lean, green machines that are self-sustaining and generate zero waste --- yet another cue humans are taking from the natural world. Astounding facts, easy-to-understand prose and luminous illustrations bring the wonders of nature into the science lab.

Hardcover book.

· The first book for children on a new and emerging field of science: biomimicry

  • · Includes information on cutting edge technologies inspired by nature, such as nanotechnology

  • · Inventions is a dominant curriculum area in social studies and science. With its environmental message of sustainability, it also has appeal in environmental studies

    • Age Range: 8 - 12 years

    • Grade Level: 3 - 7