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Immigration: 10 Myths. Postcard

Immigration: 10 Myths. Postcard

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Immigration: 10 Myths. Information from the book "They Take Our Jobs", by Aviva Chomsky.

Myth 1. Immigrants Take American Jobs. Fact: Corporations relocating in pursuit of cheap, vulnerable workers are the real job stealers. States with high immigrant populations have lower unemployment rates.

Myth 2. Unions oppose immigration because it harms the working class. Fact: "We reject those who exploit public anxiety by making immigrants the scapegoats for economic and social problems." AFL-CIO Convention. <

Myth 3. Immigrants are a drain on the economy. Fact: Immigrants are more likely to pay taxes than they are to use public services. The majority of immigrants, being of prime working age and ineligible for many public services, contribute more to the public sector than they use.

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