International Solidarity of Labor. Artist: Walter Crane. 1897. Socialist Art. Postcard.

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International Solidarity of Labor. Artist: Walter Crane. 1897. Postcard.
Reproduction of a 1897 poster titled "International Solidarity of Labor" by Walter Crane. Walter Crane (1845-1915) was a British illustrator of children's books and also of socialist topics.

The following information is NOT printed on this postcard.

From the early 1880s, initially under Morris's influence, Crane was closely associated with the Socialist movement. He did as much as Morris himself to bring art into the daily life of all classes. With this object in view he devoted much attention to designs for textiles and wallpapers, and to house decoration; but he also used his art for the direct advancement of the Socialist cause.

For a long time he provided the weekly cartoons for the Socialist organs Justice, The Commonweal and The Clarion. Many of these were collected as Cartoons for the Cause. He devoted much time and energy to the work of the Art Workers Guild, and to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, founded by him in 1888.

Although not himself an anarchist, Crane contributed to several libertarian publishers, including Liberty Press and Freedom Press. Following the Haymarket bombing, Crane made multiple trips to America where he spoke in defense of the eight anarchists accused of murder.