Line Between Us: Teaching About The Border & Mexican Immigration, by Bill Biglow. [8½" X 11" size]

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Line Between Us: Teaching About The Border & Mexican Immigration, by Bill Biglow
The Line Between Us explores the history of U.S-Mexican relations and the roots of Mexican immigration, all in the context of the global economy. And it shows how teachers can help students understand the immigrant experience and the drama of border life. But The Line Between Us is about more than Mexican immigration and border issues. It's about imaginative and creative teaching that gets students to care about the world. Using role plays, stories, poetry, improvisations, simulations and video, veteran teacher Bill Bigelow demonstrates how to combine lively teaching with critical analysis. “Exactly what we need,” says writer Luis Rodríguez.

"I approached few subjects with more trepidation than Mexican immigration, because every conversation with my students unleashed a torrent of emotions reflecting the everyday stereotypes, fear-mongering and downright bigotry towards immigrants that I hated but felt powerless to address. This book gave me the confidence to teach my 9th grade Comparative Cultures & Geography students about "the line between us".

Author Bill Bigelow's intentions are to break down the `us' versus `them' perceptions that I feared in my students precisely because I could not address them. And he is very successful. His book is chock full of ideas, lesson plans and reproducibles backed up by real-life teaching experience grounded in progressive ideals.
The book covers the historical roots of the border, NAFTA's impact, the drama of border crossing, life in border towns and provides a wealth of additional resources for fun, creative teaching." --California Teacher