No Eat Not Food. By Rick Sanger. Hardcover.

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No Eat Not Food. By Rick Sanger. New Book.
Nautilus Book Award Finalist (Saving the World One Book at a Time) as well as the Moonbeam Book Award "Kids for Saving Earth."

An introduction to organic foods and sustainable agriculture for 8- to 12-year-olds. An unexpected visitor from another planet refuses to eat Jen's Favorite snack, calling it "Not Food." He won't even taste her Halloween candy! What could explain this strange behavior? Find out by joining this fun, food-finding adventure. Using alien technology (and common sense), dodging ray beams (and misunderstandings), deflecting dangerous chemicals (and ignorance), we are led to the ineveitable truth: What you eat not only affects your health, but the health of the entire planet!

How wonderful to find such an entertaining book that help kids (and adults, too) know which foods are truly healthy for them, and which are not. Fun and practical at the same time!
--John Robbins, Author Diet For A New America and Healthy At 100.

"This book is a gem! Every child in America and beyond deserves and needs this message, and everything it (hopefully) brings. "
--Mollie Katzen, autor of Moosewood Cookbook.