Okpik: The Snowy Owl. Protect James Bay. Sale priced postcard

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Okpik: The Snowy Owl. By Inuk Artist Normee Ekoomiak. The Snowy Owl

Protect James Bay area from flooding by dams for hydroelectric projects.

Artist: Normee Ekomiak. The artist is an Inuk of the James Bay region whose birthplace was flooded by Hydro-Quebec's La Grande hydroelectric project.

New dams were planned for the the James & Hudson Bay regions to supply electricity to Quebec & the northeastern United States. If completed, these hydroelectric projects would devastate the Cree and Inuk native peoples as well as a vast region.

Okpik — The Snowy Owl. "Okpik" means "Snowy Owl", the spiritual protector of nature in the Arctic North.

Also see the book Arctic Memories, by Normee Ekomiak.

Please note.  The yellow line on the edge of this scan is not printed on the actual card.  It is only added here to set apart from the sky background.