Penelope Dreamweaver. Art by Brian Froud. Tree-Free Notecard.

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Penelope Dreamweaver. Art by Brian Froud.
Back side states:

Penelope Dreamweaver.
Inspiration Faeries such as Penelope, and their sisters, the Faeries of Expression, work together to inspire us to be successful in our creative endevors. Penelope Dreamweaver's faery dust sprinkles us with ideas that the Faeries of Expression help manifest into our own particular talents.

Remember, Inspiration faeries have many blessings to offer but you must invite them into your life. Be prepared for a little mischevousness to come your way when you do — all with your best interests at heart of course!

Brian Froud has created some of the most highly acknowledged folklore & mythic artwork of our time.

All Tree-Free Cards are produced from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. Green-e certified paper. Greeting cards printed with soy based ink, processed chlorine free. USA made with locally and regionally sources materials. 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, made in the USA.

These cards are designed to brighten someone’s day, while they brighten everyone’s future. There is faint printing of the image on the inside of the card, as well as on the outside of the envelope. These cards are very high quality, 5” X 7” Notecards. No greeting printed inside unless otherwise noted.