Positive. (Colorful design on transparent background.) [10½" X 2¾" Bumpersticker.] Die-cut around the letters.

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Positive. (Colorful design on transparent background.) Bumpersticker
We stand with the leaders and so many other artists and activists who struggle for peace and justice using the power of ideas and nonviolent direct action to effect positive change.

Experience has shown us that being true to yourself, making wise decisions and acting out of love is a powerful way to effect positive change. We continue to learn that positive thinking, putting positive ideas and energy into the world and then following through on those ideas is the way to manifest the change we seek.

Red, Yellow, Green and Black text on clear window sticker. Die-cut around the contour of these letters.

We encourage everyone to listen to the words and music of the prophet Bob Marley.

The Rasta colors of green, gold, red, and black represent the colors of Africa.