Sticker Nation 2: The Big Book of Subversive Stickers, by Srini Kumar. This unique book contains over 400 stickers to peel and stick. Sticker Nation is a "meme" factory.

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Sticker Nation 2: The Big Book of Subversive Stickers, by Srini Kumar.
This is a unique book on a new edition. It includes over 400 stickers that can be peeled out and stuck up. (But they are not the top quality to hold up against sun & rain.) The author has been creating these subversive stickers through his company, and in the center of the book talks of the idea behind his project. "A meme is a "contagious" idea that seems to pass between people through adoption and mimicry. The term was created as a metaphor to relate the evolution of ideas to genetic evolution. StickerNation is a meme factory." Each sticker is referenced to a couple of lines in the book which elaborates on the idea involved. This new book should be quite popular, especially at this low price.

Stickers measure 7" across. Book is 8" X 11". This is Volume 2 of Sticker Nation, with an entirely new selection of stickers.

This book is magic. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Stickers are a technology, a media that makes "action-poetry" possible. I want to alter the world in good ways with my art and words. Therefore, I wanted to create a different KIND of book: one that invaded the real world with its ideas. One that was Social & Communicative. One that emanates positivity. More like an ACTIVITY book...

We all know that it isn't just what a sticker SAYS, it's where you SEE it. Stickers show up in the most interesting places and it's almost like they're captions in some cosmic comic strip. You can alter unfavorable situations quickly just by slapping the appropriate affirmation in the proper place where the idea will soak into the minds of those in the area over time.