Sustainable World Sourcebook. Essential Guidebook. Critical Issues. Viable Solutions. Resources For Action.

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Sustainable World Sourcebook. Essential Guidebook. Critical Issues.
As we come to understand the urgency of our multiple global crises, we become motivated to get involved, to make use of our collective wisdom and our capacity to work for solutions in community.

The Sustainable World SourceBook is designed to support readers in finding pathways for effective individual and group action. It cuts through the glut of information, providing a clear, concise overview of the most important issues and aspects of sustainability that everyone needs to know. And it's packed with successful models and inspiring examples. This richly illustrated, beautifully designed, full-color manual addresses:

Environmental issues and their impacts, along with a prescription for rapid, large-scale change.
Energy resources, peak oil, conservation, and emerging technologies
The global financial crisis, economic transition, green jobs, and sustainable business
Poverty, health, education, food security, and social justice
Local, sustainable communities and engaged citizens
Green lifestyle choices

Featuring a foreword written by renowned environmentalist and best-selling author Paul Hawken, the Sustainable World SourceBook will appeal to anyone seeking an understanding of a broad range of sustainability issues. Focused on solutions and actions, it is the essential guidebook for every concerned citizen.

The Sustainable World Coalition's purpose is to provide educational materials that foster strong engagement in personal and planetary sustainability. The Coalition is a project of Earth Island Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and social justice.