The Fifth Sacred Thing. By Starhawk. Provocative & magical, political & spiritual novel.

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The Fifth Sacred Thing. By Starhawk. Provocative & magical, political
The Fifth Sacred Thing

Provocative and magical, political and spiritual ... An extraordinary book stands in the great tradition of political and philosophical novels. -Margot Adler, Author of Drawing Down The Moon.

Starhawk's epic tale, set in 2048, California. In a time of ecological collapse, when the hideously authoritarian and corporate-driven Stewards have taken control of most of the land and set up an apartheid state, one region has declared itself independent: the Bay Area and points north. Choosing life over guns, they have created a simple but rich ecotopia, where no one wants, nothing is wasted, culture and cooperation are uppermost, and the Four Sacred Things are valued unconditionally.

But the Stewards are on the march northward, bent on conquest and appropriation of the precious waters. It’s the love story of Bird the musician and warrior and Madrone the healer, and of Maya, Bird’s grandmother, ninety-eight year old story teller, whose vision provides a way for them to defend their city from invasion without becoming what they are fighting against.

"Totally captivating.... Starhawk has created a magic land to which we can return at will for the kind of exotic romance and adventure we all crave. Her celebration of the richness of cultural diversity heralds the possibility of a mutually enhancing multicultural community. Here, too, is a vision of the paradigm shift that is essential for our very survival as a species on this planet." -- Elinor Gadon, author of The Once and Future Goddess

Soon to be a major motion picture!