Vote! It's Not Illegal Yet. Election. [6" X 4" Sticker]

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Vote! It's Not Illegal Yet. [6" X 4" Sticker]

Vote! It's Not Illegal Yet. [6" X 4" Sticker]

We live in dangerous times.  The largest group of voters are not the Democrats, the Republicans, or even the Independents.  The largest group is the people who do not vote at all.  If more of these people would vote, things could change big time.

Getting more people to vote will not be easy.  We need to overcome the voter suppression efforts, the huge influence of Big Money, the Russian meddling in our elections (both hacking and fake news), and the basic inertia and apathy of so many. 

While some think that not voting is an act of rebellion, it is more like an act of surrender.

If you are concerned or angry about the way things have been going and feel this needs to change, be sure to vote.  Make sure your friends are going to vote.  Talk with strangers about what it would take for them to vote.  Don't wait. 

Vote Now.  Vote every time.  It's not illegal yet.

Well, not unless you are a black person in Georgia, where the voter suppression efforts are so extreme.  Or a convicted felon, even if you have already paid your debt in prison time.  Or one of thousands in Wisconsin, Florida and elsewhere whose voter registration has been nullified in voter suppression efforts carried out by Republicans.  Why do they think they can get away with this?