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Zig Zag Man. Smoking. Rolling papers. Stanley Mouse & Kelly.
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Stanley Mouse (born October 10, 1940 in Fresno, California) is an American artist, best known for his 1960s psychedelic rock concert poster designs and Grateful Dead album cover art.

In 1967, Miller collaborated with artists Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley, Victor Moscoso, and Wes Wilson to create the Berkeley Bonaparte Distribution Agency. Miller and Kelley also worked together as lead artists at Mouse Studios and The Monster Company - producing album cover art for the bands Journey and Grateful Dead.

In 1965 Mouse traveled to San Francisco, California with a group of art school friends. Settling initially in Oakland, Mouse met Alton Kelley. Kelley, a self-taught artist, had recently arrived from Virginia City, Nevada, where he had joined a group of hippies who called themselves the Red Dog Saloon gang. Upon arrival in San Francisco Kelley and other veterans of the gang renamed themselves The Family Dog, and began producing rock music dances. In 1966, when Chet Helms assumed leadership of the group and began promoting the dances at the Avalon Ballroom, Mouse and Kelley began working together to produce posters for the events. Later the pair also produced posters for promoter Bill Graham and for other events in the psychedelic community.

The psychedelic posters Mouse and Kelley produced were heavily influenced by Art Nouveau graphics, particularly the work of Alfons Mucha. Material associated with psychedelics, such as Zig-Zag rolling papers, were also referenced. Producing posters advertising for such musical groups as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Grateful Dead led to meeting the musicians and making contacts that were later to prove fruitful.